Is it possible to make the Bau Island Trip, visit the island and return to Denarau Island in one day?


To whom it may concern, My wife and I are scheduled to visit Fiji April 14 – 17. We are booked at Sofitel Fiji Resort Spa on Denarau Island, Nadi, Fiji.

My wife and I would like to visit Bau Island and see the ancient island capital. When I was in college in Eugene, Oregon my Senior Resident was Dr. Alan Tippett a Methodist Missionary from Australia to Fiji. Dr. Tippett served as the pastor of the local church. He told many interesting stories of his years on Bau.

I would like to see for myself the island and its historical points of interest. Can you tell me how to get from my hotel to Bau Island. Is it possible to make the trip, visit the island and return to Denarau Island in one day? As you can see we only have two full days in Fiji so we want to make the most of our stay. I look forward to your reply.

Sincerely yours, Wayne A. Long

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    One of our closes colleagues, operates the only tour to Bau Island, Her name is Diana Giesbrecht – Website –

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    Bula Wayne. Thank you for your question: Is it possible to make the Bau Island Trip, visit the island and return to Denarau Island in one day?

    DIANA, Bau Reservations ANSWER: Resounding Yes!

    Please check your facebook Private Messenger courtesy attach Draft Invoice provides details for your wife & yourself – Bau Cultural Heritage Voyage Day Tour ..
    • this Bau Reservations Diana found an excellent Return Fare $115 (one adult), and put a 48-hour hold (two adults yourself and your wife) flight Leaves Nadi Airport on Monday 15th April 8:30am Arrives Nausori Airport 9am | Return Leaves Nausori 7:30pm and arrives Nadi 8pm
    • Draft Invoice attached to your facebook Private Messenger also includes Photos&Videos / Indemnity paragraph + Transportation costs Guest pay directly for flight, Bau’s Driver, and Bau’s Boatman. Look forward to your private facebook Messenger and/or Viber reply!

    Bonus: Wayne, you and your wife have time to expand your Cultural Heritage Voyage Day tour the same day to close by historic NAILILILI Cathedral
    • Built by French missionaries at the turn of the 20th century, an active church in a deteriorating condition your day tour helps Restore! The Catholics decided acceptance in Rewa as a rival religious group gives them a foot hold in the most politically active powerful area of Fiji. NAILILILI Cathedral Tour Guide Leba has 26 years in the Teaching Field, still an active member of the church today, and in 2009 introduced the Tourism Program. Eight of those years Leba, your Tour Guide, the President of the Catholic Woman’s League at Naililili Church.
    • After your Naililili Cathedral Tour, time permitting your Bau Driver will also offer to take you to nearby Coli-i-suva Rainforest Park for a cool dip in natural tropical waterfall pool!

    Kind regards,
    Diana Giesbrecht, Bau Reservations | mobile & Viber 679 830 8446

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